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As well as practising and teaching yoga, I enjoy reading about it too. I thought I’d share some of my favourite articles with you. Just click on the links to read further….Enjoy!

What 7 Yoga Poses Will Teach You About Your Relationship – The vast majority of yoga poses are not just about yoga. They are about life. They teach us about ourselves, our relationships and the world around us.

Yoga for Arthritis– Yoga improves quality of life for sufferers of arthritis, study says.

suYoga New Year Resolution 2013 – I sat down at my computer to look for an interesting ‘Yoga New Year Resolution’ article to put on my website. An article to inspire, motivate readers into changing for the better. And then I thought why not be brave and write one myself. So I have and it’s simple:TO BE HAPPY

Shelter from the Storm – In this time of economic turmoil, let your practice be a refuge and a tool for responding creatively to change. October 2012

Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned on a Yoga Mat – anyone who sticks with the practice will eventually find that the benefits from yoga are much more profound and often unexpected than they thought……..Yoga Journal, April 2012

Yoga for Lower back Pain – Don’t rely on painkillers, try yoga…..Hampshire Chronicle article January 26th 2012.

Winter Wellness – A Guide to Winter Wellness – 10 ways to build a strong immune system naturally, so you can thrive this festive season…..

Sooth Stress – Yoga soothes stress – One of the biggest benefits of yoga is happiness. It arises naturally as we practise more….

5 Yogic Tips for Time Management – I think yoga offers some great insights and reminders. Here are 5 ways yoga can help with time management.