Feel great through yoga

Why Yoga?

Quite simply….It makes you feel great!

  • Yoga makes the body and mind strong and flexible.
  • It also improves the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems.
  • Regular yoga practice brings about emotional stability and clarity of mind.
  • Yoga improves posture. Many yoga postures focus on the alignment of the spine and core stability.
  • Yoga helps increase the range of motion in joints.
  • Reduces injury. Creating stronger joints and flexible muscles can help prevent injuries. This is important in every day life as well as for people involved in sport.
  • Improved breathing. Yoga will teach you how to take slower and deeper breaths, which in turn increases the lung function and the body’s relaxation response.
  • Increases concentration level. Yoga teaches you to focus more on the present. It provides greater coordination, memory and reaction times.
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